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Scientific Wellness Genomics

Scientific Wellness Genomics (iDNA 3in1 & Nutrition) are genetic tests that use bioinformatics analysis to determine the subject's response to environmental factors, such as diet and exercise, which in turn influences their genetic predisposition to conditions such as obesity, injury, etc.

Scientific Wellness Genomics tests are valuable tools aimed at optimal health and athletic performance, as well as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

DNA is unique to each individual and stores the information (genes) for building all the necessary proteins for vital body functions.​

Humans share 99.8% of the same identity at the genetic sequence level, suggesting that the variation in individuals' characteristics, i.e., phenotype, stems from the remaining 0.2%. Differences in DNA sequence arise due to the presence of genetic variants, called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This DNA variation is the substitution of one DNA base for another in a genetic locus and comprises the most common type of genetic polymorphisms.

Almost half of the SNPs in the human genome can affect gene expression and function, which in turn can lead to phenotypic variation between individuals, such as personalised responses to food and exercise and predisposition to common diet-related diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease.

Laboratory analysis

A laboratory analysis is conducted on a swab sample containing cells from which genetic material is isolated. The sample is collected with a certain sterile swab as part of a unique package and sent to our company's certified laboratory for analysis.

Laboratory analysis of the sample is performed according to the approved genotyping and analysis protocol of iDNA Laboratories. The technique of polymorphism and genotype detection is of high accuracy (99%) and repeatability (98%). All analyses and sample processing are performed by qualified personnel, using the latest scientific and analytical tools.

Their focus​
iDNA Nutrition & Exercise Tests are aimed at people of all ages. A healthy lifestyle aids in prevention and overall health.​

Individuals emphasizing on health and prevention

Individuals who have tried multiple unsuccessful dietary patterns​

Professional and recreational athletes ​

Children and adolescents​

Individuals with busy lifestyles​