Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that are installed on your computer or other device when you visit a website. They are used to allow the website you are visiting to function and to provide additional functionality (such as identifying the user, remembering preferences). Cookies collect information and when read by a server through an Internet browser, they can provide information about the use of the website.

Responsible for processing

If personal data is processed through the use of cookies, the Data Controller during the browsing of the website is the company "iDNA Laboratories P.C." with the distinctive title "iDNA Laboratories" (hereinafter: "Company" or "iDNA Laboratories"), located at 7 Taki Kavalieratou Street, Kifissia, Attica, Greece, contact telephone number: 211 1021881and e-mail: For more information on the processing of personal data by iDNA Laboratories, please refer to the Information on the Processing of Personal Data. Information on the Processing of Personal Data.

What kind of cookies does this website use?

This website uses permanent cookies and cookies that last for only one browser session:
- Session cookies: deleted after the end of your browsing on our website and/or after closing your web browser.
- Permanent cookies: they remain on your computer or device, either until the moment you decide to delete them or for a predetermined period of time.

What types of cookies does the website use?

The website uses the following categories of cookies:
- Necessary cookies. They allow you to browse and use the website's functions and ensure the efficient use of the website. These cookies cannot identify you, and without them it is not possible for our website to function effectively. Consequently, your consent is not required for the use of these cookies.
- Functional cookies (functional): allow the website to provide improved functionality and personalisation. They may be used by us or by third party providers. If you do not allow the use of these cookies, then some or all of these services may not function properly.
- Targeting/advertising: used to deliver advertisements with content that matches users and their interests.
- Analytics: used to obtain anonymous statistics about the use of the website.

What cookies does this website set?

This website uses the following categories of cookies:

Cookie Domain Category Περιγραφή Διάρκεια
uuid Advertising To optimise the relevance of ads by collecting visitor data from multiple websites, such as which pages have been loaded. 1 year 27 days
bscookie Advertising Browser ID cookie set by LinkedIn share buttons and ad tags 2 years
B Advertising This cookie is used by Yahoo to serve ads, content or analytics. 1 year
SEUNCY Analytics This cookie is used to record a unique identifier that is used to identify the visitors' device when they visit the website. 1 year
lang Functional This cookie is used to store a user's language preferences and to display content in that stored language the next time the user visits the site. One session
bcookie Functional This cookie is used by LinkedIn. The purpose of the cookie is to enable LinkedIn's functions on the page. 2 years
lidc Functional This cookie is used by LinkedIn and is used for routing. 1 day
lang Functional This cookie is used to store a user's language preferences for viewing content in that stored language the next time the user visits the site. One session
UserMatchHistory Other Linkedin - Used to track visitors to many websites in order to display relevant advertising based on the visitor's preferences. 1 month

How can I manage cookies?

All web browsers allow you to manage cookies in order to either delete cookies once you have completed your visit to the website or to set your preferences regarding the use of cookies before you start browsing the website. Please note that deleting or rejecting cookies may adversely affect your experience of using the website (e.g. some features may not be fully available). You can find more information about your browser at the links below:

If you wish to disable Google Analytics altogether, for each page you visit and not just this one, please visit the relevant page.

Where can I find out more about cookies?

Detailed information on the use of cookies, including how to block or restrict them, can be found on the websites:

Is the current policy likely to change?

This policy may be amended at any time and the most recent amendment will always be deemed to be the most recent amendment. We recommend that you refer regularly to this page, which became effective on 20/07/2022
The Company is not liable for references from this policy to external websites, for their content and services, which it does not control or adopt, and any damage resulting from their use, as the visitor has access to them at his/her own risk.