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iDNA Cardio Health kit

The iDNA Cardio Health kit is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device of Genetic Analysis and phenotypic traits for the early prevention of cardiovascular disease based on the Polygenic Risk score (PRS & Adjusted PRS). It aims at the early prevention of cardiovascular disease by providing an advisory guide for the implementation of personalized preventive medicine. This approach focuses on mitigating or eliminating exacerbating factors.

The iDNA Cardio Health kit is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device bearing the CE mark and has been notified to the National Medicines Agency (EOF) Medical Devices Register "Gremdis" (Protocol No. 54882 / 23-05-2022).

It is intended for use and interpretation by healthcare professionals for the adult population.

The iDNA Cardio Health kit aims at people who belong to one of the 3 categories:

Healthy individuals who want to know if they are at risk of developing any of the conditions examined by the test

Healthy individuals with family history of heart disease (positive history)

Asymptomatic patients who are either under surveillance or undergoing minimally conservative treatment

The cardiovascular diseases for which a PRS & Adjusted PRS Score is estimated are the following:

Coronary artery disease

Cardiomyopathy – Dilated

Cardiomyopathy - Hypertrophic

Heart failure

Arrhythmia - Atrial fibrillation

Ischaemic stroke

The PRS and the Adjusted PRS serve as a tool to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease,taking into account the complex genetic background.

Their role is prevention and they can be employed for screening purposes within the healthy population.

PRS & Adjusted PRS

The PRS takes into consideration a plethora of genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) to assess the genetic risk of developing a particular condition. Each genetic polymorphism can exert either a protective or predisposing effect, while by itself it tends to contribute little to the risk of developing a condition. However, cumulatively those small genetic differences can have a significantly larger impact. Therefore, the PRS is a weighted sum of the number of risk alleles carried by an individual and estimates the probabilistic susceptibility (predisposition) to the disease under analysis. Similarly, the combined risk of cardiovascular disease, taking into account clinical and lifestyle characteristics, is calculated through a validated cardiovascular health questionnaire* (Adjusted PRS)

Results Report

Within 20 business days from the day the buccal swab sample is received from our laboratory, your iDNA Cardio Health personalized report results will be available in your file at myEMR.

For the optimal understanding and utilization of the personalized results (Report), the advice and interpretation of a specialized Health Professional, such as a Cardiologist, is necessary.

Laboratory analysis

A laboratory analysis is conducted on a buccal swab sample containing cells from which genetic material is isolated. The sample is collected with a certain sterile swab as part of a unique package and sent to our company's certified laboratory for analysis.

Laboratory analysis of the sample is performed according to the approved genotyping and analysis protocol of iDNA Laboratories. The technique of polymorphism and genotype detection is of high accuracy (99%) and repeatability (98%). All analyses and sample processing are performed by qualified personnel, using the latest scientific and analytical tools.

Initial PRS results in the Greek population

Percentage of the population per PRS category, after using the iDNA Cardio Health (n=447)

iDNA Test is simple and fast!

iDNA DNA tests are performed simply by collecting a buccal swab using a special swab.

Contents of the Kit

iDNA Cardio Health


Cotton swab

Return bag