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About us

Today, it is scientific evident that genetic data and advanced technology have the power to improve health, benefit quality of life and reduce the cost of health care services. By identifying the factors that predispose a person to a particular disease and the molecular mechanisms that cause the condition, treatment and prevention strategies can be tailored. Therefore, the worldwide need is towards personalised knowledge for better heath life choices.

H iDNA Laboratories is a privately held company focusing on Personalized Health Care. Designs, develops, and provides Genetic Testing Analysis in both sectors of Medical and Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Genomics. Our expertise focuses mainly on products that are based on saliva samples.
Customers provide a saliva sample that our Molecular Biology Experts analyse, in our own certified facilities, using single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping and cutting-edge bioinformatics platform. Finally, personalised reports are generated relative to the customer's health-related topics.

Through the knowledge provided by our in-house research and development know-how, the use of bioinformatics tools and artificial intelligence applications, the company manages to provide its products at affordable cost.

Our own Research & Development department in collaboration with major Universities and Research Organizations strive to develop innovative and pioneering solutions. The Company collaborates with a wide network of scientists and health practitioners.


Our highly specialised scientific staff, using state of the art laboratory technology designs in-house the innovative services and analysis we provide.

The laboratory uses clinically significant molecular and genetic findings and bioinformatics, aiming at their practical application, in the context of personalised medical care. In this way, it provides access to simplified, accessible, and high-quality analysis of genomic and pharmacogenetic data regarding the clinical interpretation of results.

Processing & Results
The TaqMan SNP probe (qPCR) polymorphism identification technology is a reliable and ideal technique for the application of genotyping. Genotyping data is processed through bioinformatics analysis resulting in personalised pharmacogenomic analysis.

Results are characterized by:

Valid analysis that provide useful results

Final conclusion through an once-off analysis,without repetition

Report analysis in a short time

Scientific validity
The results of the analysis are based on published scientific literature from international databases.
iDNA Laboratories constantly monitors and uses updated international scientific databases thus ensuring the validity and reliability of its services in everyday medical practice.

Quality policy

“iDNA Laboratories” provides a comprehensive range of IVD products and Genetics and Genomics related smart IVD Bioinformatics solutions and services, for the benefit of individual’s health and well-being condition.

This quality policy addresses quality in its most original sense, namely the degree of fulfillment of a products’ and solutions / services characteristics, which meets the real declared requirements.

“IDNA Laboratories” developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard and is committed to continuously comply with specified processes and procedures, communicate effectively with its clients, improve continually the provided services, train its staff, and minimize the clients’ complaints, taking the appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

Our Quality policy is to provide State of the Art quality IVD products and related smart Bioinformatics services that contribute to significant improvements to individual’s and Public human health.

Our Team is committed to:

Enhance “client’s” devotion by constantly achieving or exceeding their expectations through niche innovation, comprehensive service, significant value and full compliance with applicable National, European and International Standards, Directives, Regulations and Laws.

Repeatedly ameliorate and keep the effectiveness of our applied quality system by establishing, implementing and monitoring Quality Objectives.

iDNA Laboratories has decided to follow the comprehensive roadmap as per ISO 13485: 2016 certification requirements, in order to fulfil all the applied prerequisites for research, design, development, production and sale of its innovative IVD products that fully comply with regulations, customer requirements and iDNA’s own product specifications in the most effective way.

“iDNA Laboratories” top-management quality policy is intended to be communicated and understood by everyone in the company, so they can all follow one strategic direction on how product development happens and how requirements will be met in an absolute comprehensive manner. “iDNA Laboratories” is providing all the appropriate resources in order to “bring” into the relevant National and European, innovative IVD Genetics and Genomics products to the market, which are safe and effective as per their clearly declared intended uses.

iDNA Laboratories Top Management is committed to:

  • Improving patient care, reporting clinically useful test results to service users
  • Enhancing novel preventive policies by developing and providing clinically and well-being significant information to end users as well as to service users
  • Respecting patient confidentiality
  • Developing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality IVD products and services that advance scientific discovery and improve global healthcare.
  • Fostering long-lasting customer relationships based on understanding and meeting their requirements, responding to their feedback and providing exceptional support.
  • Innovation and the development of new technologies ensuring state of the art genetics and genomics testing
  • Delivering efficient service workflows, meeting all agreed National, European and International targets
  • Providing R&D, Scientific and Laboratory staff of all grades with the appropriate knowledge, skills, competency development and support for continued professional development and education including key performance indicators such as annual appraisal, mandatory training, equality and diversity
  • Ensuring that all Company’s staff are familiar with the quality policy and understand what is expected from them
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to continual quality improvement including assessment of user satisfaction, external quality assessment, and the identification of non-compliance corrective and preventive actions
  • Set annual quality objectives, maintain a quality manual and complete an annual management review

The Management



Material vigilance

We apply and maintain a system of vigilance of medical devices (material vigilance) to ensure the responsibilities for the medical devices that we manufacture.

The main purpose of the medical device vigilance system is to improve the protection of the health and safety of the users of our products, by constantly monitoring and reducing the possibility of occurrence / recurrence of a possible incident.

For any report regarding our products safety please call or send email to:


24h tel. number: +30 210 3259365


Scientific and technological advancements are boosting drivers for new demand and product generation in this market. Each product is the outcome of extensive research & development and is specially designed to satisfy end-user needs at the best way.

Today, 5 products have already been developed and are commercially available in the market through our partnership with iDNA Genomics, whereas 15 more are on clinical development.

In the field of Medical Genomics, a Pharmacogenomic Analysis for CNS pharmaceuticals is already in the market.

Pharmacogenomics studies and analyses patients' response to drugs by correlating the polymorphisms (SNPs) of their genes with the effectiveness or toxicity of a drug. Several genes directly affect the metabolism of drugs in the body as well as ultimately the therapeutic benefit that a drug has for a particular patient. This is the main reason why the same drug, in the same dose, can affect patients with the same disease in distinct ways.

A wide range of products, for numerous diseases, is under development, as well as products related to genetic predisposition.

In the field of Direct-To-Consumer, there are 4 products in the market analysing genes related to Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals and Exercise. iDNA Laboratories creates personalised analysis utilizing scientific data that study the interactions between genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) in genes that affect the metabolism of nutrients from food intake, the elimination of toxins, and our body’s predisposition in various types of exercise.

More products are under development related with skin health, newborns, and lifestyle habits.

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