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iDNA Laboratories is a genetics company, based in Greece, active in the field of Precision Medicine and aiming to personalize health care.

Our certified laboratory designs, develops, and offers innovative genetic analysis services

Our Research & Development department, through specialized scientific expertise and state-of- the-art laboratory equipment, provides services with applications in pharmacogenetics, cardiovascular prevention, nutrigenetics and sports genetics.

For each genetic test, we have designed a specialized results report that provides, in a friendly format, fully understandable information to achieve optimal health.




Pharmacogenetic analysis

iDNA PGx CNS offers Pharmacogenetic analysis for drugs related to Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.

The iDNA PGx CNS offers pharmacogenetic guidance to the physician for choosing the most appropriate personalized treatment: the most suitable drug at the right dose to avoid side effects and achieve optimal response.

The iDNA PGx CNS is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device bearing the CE mark and has been notified to the National Medicines Agency (EOF) Medical Devices Register "Gremdis" (Protocol No. 54854 / 23-05-2022).

iDNA Laboratories provides high-quality in vitro diagnostic medical technology products that significantly contribute to health improvement through personalized medicine.

Our laboratory has been certified according to the international standards ISO 27001:2013 for Information Management and Security, and ISO 13485:2016 for the promotion, sale, and distribution of in vitro diagnostic medical technology products related to Pharmacogenomic analysis.