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iDNA NutriGenetix

iDNA NutriGenetix is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product, which includes genetic analysis of an oral swab sample and recording of personal phenotypic characteristics through a health and lifestyle questionnaire. It presents the needs of the individual with the aim to achieve their personal health goal as well as an individualized diet plan.

The iDNA NutriGenetix Kit is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device bearing the CE mark and has been notified to the National Medicines Agency (EOF) Medical Devices Register "Gremdis" (Protocol No. 54882 / 23-05-2022).

It is intended for use and interpretation by healthcare professionals for the adult population.

The iDNA NutriGenetix kit is intended for individuals who:

  • have body weight issues
  • present with obesity-related diseases such as Insulin Resistance, Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases, Metabolic Syndrome
  • have a family history of obesity-related chronic conditions
  • present disease risk factors, e.g., hypercholesterolemia, pre-diabetes
  • have a particular interest in overall health and prevention (health-conscious)
  • follow "restrictive" diets due to lack of time or personal preference

Unique features

iDNA NutriGenetix provides...

Once-in-a-lifetime Nutrigenetic analysis

Assessment of individual energy and nutrient needs

Personalized diet plan

Personalized nutrition advice

Online registration & easy management of personalized results

Results counseling by a Nutrigenetics expert

iDNA NutriGenetix is a valuable advisor for clinical decisions regarding nutritional response and weight management.

See in detail what the report includes

Your profile 

The set of your personal characteristics, as these were reported through the questionnaire you filled in

Your personalized needs 

The energy, macronutrients and micronutrients, not only on the basis of your nutritional analysis, but taking into account your profile, your personal health goal and your dietary preferences

Personalized diet plan

With alternative choices for each daily meal, with the aim of preventing disease and maintaining overall health

Useful tips

Which are complementary to the personalized diet plan and will help you implement it

Genetic analysis - Nutritional status

Here you will be able to thoroughly read each category, not only to understand how the personalized diet plan is derived based on the health goal you have set today, but to also know what is generally recommended for you for overall better health and prevention.

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People Worldwide Are Obese

Today, 38% of the world's population is currently overweight or obese. The figures for Greece are equally discouraging, with 29% of the country's population currently obese (Word Obesity Atlas 2023)

Initial PRS results in the Greek population

Percentage of the population per PRS category, after using the iDNA Cardio Health (n=447)

iDNA Test is simple and fast!

iDNA DNA tests are performed simply by collecting a buccal swab using a special swab.

Contents of the Kit

iDNA NutriGenetix


Cotton swab

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