Finding the right treatment
for depression
is possible

Introducing the test that assists in
speeding up your recovery.

  • Depression around the world

    Depression is a serious and often overlooked health issue that affects millions of people every year.

    322 million people suffer from depression

    It is the leading cause of suicide worldwide

    >35% of patients do not respond to 2nd treatment

    To date, doctors have been following trial and error tactics

  • Depression in Greece

    A significant percentage of people in Greece experience depression.

    >600.000 people in Greece are in need of treatment

    10,000 are severely disabled due to the disease

    Patients experience almost 10 years of reduced life expectancy

    Every year over 500 people suffering from major depression commit suicide

It is high time we prioritize our mental health

iDNA PGx CNS: The right treatment is in our DNA

The Pharmacogenetic analysis offered by iDNA PGx CNS represents a personalized approach to treating Central Nervous System disorders. This test is a useful tool that supports the physician in selecting the appropriate medication.

It provides useful data for the treatment of depression, allowing the treating doctor to tailor treatment based on the genetic characteristics of each individual.

It helps the qualified physician to select the appropriate medication and dosage for each patient, ensuring optimal response and minimizing any side effects. Through pharmacogenetic analysis, patients, with the guidance of their doctor, can find the ideal treatment for depression.

The iDNA PGx CNS is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device bearing the CE mark


Easy and simple process

iDNA PGx CNS is painless, simple and fast!

To complete the procedure, a buccal swab (saliva sample) is required, which is collected with a special swab by qualified healthcare personnel.

Each DNA test, does not need to be repeated, it is done once in a lifetime.


Consult your treating doctor to supply you with the Test Kit.

Collect sample

Free sample collection is provided by your doctor or at Affidea's partner Diagnostic Centres. Alternatively, home sampling is available for a fee

Registration kit

Choose between online registration or completion of documents

Sample Dispatch

Return the kit to iDNA Laboratories for FREE


The result report is sent within 15 working days to you and your doctor


The personalized result report is a tool for your treating doctor for determining the appropriate medication

Affordable Solution for All

Our goal is to make iDNA PGX CNS an affordable solution accessible to all patients.

The price

iDNA PGx CNS €140

Available only through your treating doctor


In the indication of persistent depression, the test is covered by the EOPY and a reimbursement (approx. 50%) is provided

Consult your treating physician and take your health into your own hands.

Results Report

The personalized Pharmacogenomic Report is available within 15 business days

Both you and your treating doctor receive the results report.

The content of the analysis is a tool for individualized medication selection for depression. It helps to avoid multiple medication switches until the ideal treatment is found for each patient. Gives the psychiatrist valuable information about medications that may require dose adjustment, have lower efficacy, or are associated with an increased risk of side effects based on your genetic data.

Your doctor will review these results as part of your overall evaluation, with the goal of developing a treatment plan to help you effectively manage your depression.

Your personal results report is automatically updated and sent to you and your doctor when new scientific data arises.

Precision Medicine in Depression

Has already helped patients

The patients' point of view


Responded positively to personalized treatment


Reported no serious side effects


Reported adjustment in dosage or change in treatment scheme


Reported fewer visits or communication with the treating doctor

Scientific Documentation for Pharmacogenetic Guidance

Reduced suicides by 25% at 5 years

Led to an increase in clinical response and remission